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Personal eyewear

Breezm presents a new standard for custom eyewear.

Experience glasses that are clearer, more comfortable, and more beautiful.

Everyone's face is different.

With all the unique faces in the world,
why aren’t glasses available in more sizes?

If we can have custom clothing,
why not custom glasses?

Breezm started from these simple questions.

If you've been looking for glasses that fit you perfectly, you've come to the right place.

Are you experiencing any of these discomforts right now?

These issues mostly arise from ill-fitting glasses.

You wear glasses for most of your waking hours.
If you wear glasses for 12 hours a day, that adds up to about 4,380 hours a year.

Are you wearing well-fitting glasses?

Even with good lenses, ill-fitting glasses cannot fully perform.

Ill-fitting glasses mean poor vision.
Poor vision makes your future unclear.

The alignment of the optical center of the lenses with our pupils is fundamental in eyewear design.

However, wearing glasses that do not fit your face can cause misalignment with the designed focal point of the lenses, leading to eye strain, dizziness, or headaches.

This increased strain can lead to asthenopia, further causing reduced concentration and accelerated myopia progression.

※Asthenopia: A condition causing eye pain, headaches, forehead pressure, and visual impairment, leading to quick fatigue and difficulty using the eyes continuously.

How are Breezm's custom glasses made?

Breezm is fundamentally different from mass-produced, standard-size glasses.

Based on facial measurement data, our custom-made glasses fundamentally resolve the discomforts of standard-sized glasses.


Focusing on the essence of glasses beyond comfort

The essence of glasses is not just to look good, but to see well.

Breezm is the first eyewear to properly realize the essence of glasses with advanced technology, which was difficult to achieve with conventional manufacturing techniques.

Custom fit without size concerns

Glasses that fit your face

Using cutting-edge 3D scanners, Breezm captures 1,200 facial points based on 18 indicators of your face's shape, size, and contours to create glasses that fit perfectly.

Matching the position of your pupils

Custom fit for clear vision

Glasses provide the clearest vision when the focal points of the lenses align with your pupils, but everyone's interpupillary distance and viewing angles are different. Breezm offers a bridge customization service to optimize lens performance by considering the interpupillary distance and eye asymmetry.

Matching the different heights of each ear

Custom fit for comfortable wear

For clear vision, the height and angle between your eyes and lenses are crucial. To prevent nose pressure and ensure the glasses are straight, Breezm adjusts the weight distribution and considers ear asymmetry, offering endpiece customization for the clearest angles.

Positioning the nose pads correctly on your face

Custom fit for stable wear

Nose pads should be stably positioned on the right spot on your face to reduce weight and prevent glasses from slipping down. Breezm provides nose pad customization services for optimal shape, length, and angle, ensuring the most stable and comfortable wear.

Google Reviews

Cindy Smalletz


Had a great experience here! My friend told me about this new kind of eyewear company where they custom create the glasses for you and as soon as I got my new Rx I came here. The consultation was amazing - there are a million options to pick from, but there is a process which helps you through each step, and a wonderful human (Regi) that helps indecisive people like me make each choice! Picking them up was just as easy and peaceful. The glasses look great - super light, awesome color, just like I picked, exactly, and I'm glad to see how my choices came together with Regi's help and they look amazing. What a great new concept to really custom make eyewear like this!


Customer Testimonials


Hanne Panne

classical singer & teacher


They haven't slid down once.

“I use a wheelchair when traveling between rehearsals, teaching, and home; and while out with my friends. I can actually forget I'm wearing them, even while wheeling on cobblestone streets or rehearsing wildly dramatic arias. That must sound like such a small change, but it isn't small for me. With my new glasses, I feel that I can participate in the world with more ease and dignity.”

Over 88% of reviewers worldwide gave us 5 stars.

Rated 4.8 / 5 based on over 1500 reviews.


"I have a weird shaped nose so I struggle to find glasses that fit the bridge of my nose right. They always slip down, but my Breezm glasses are so sturdy and they fit perfectly around my ears." 
- Agata S., Poland


"I just picked up my new glasses from Breezm and they're amazing. They're so lightweight and they fit perfectly because it's customized, exactly to my face through their scan. I love the style and it fits great, looks great, love it."
- Callie A., United States


"High quality, super light, and they fit perfectly. I can't believe it. I'm definitely getting more pairs of these glasses."
- Romin P., Australia


"These just fit me perfectly because they were made for me with the Breezm tech. They feel super nice, lightweight, and really good quality. I'm so happy. I love these glasses."
- Rasmus L., Denmark

Don't Take Our Word For It.

Here's what the media is saying...


paved the way for a new era of personalized eyewear.


Breezm has focused on the eyes beyond the glasses.


guarantees great fit and comfort regardless of your face shape.

a revolutionary eyewear brand.

truly one-of-a-kind eyewear delivering exceptional comfort.

Internationally Acclaimed
Eyewear Designs

Get Awesome Glasses with No-Hassle

Experience 3D facial scans, sample try-ons, & VIP consultation, including assistance with insurance reimbursement.

for precisely crafted eyewear created just for you.

Mon - Fri / 9am - 7pm
           Sat / 11am - 6pm

526 Seventh Ave. 8th Fl. NYC NY 10018

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